Away with the Fairies (write-up)

Fairy walkFairy walk 2Fairy cakes and fairy bread

May the first and also, the first of what I hope will be our many adventures in Lichfield. This one owes its existence to an obsession with bluebells and a throwaway comment someone made about there being a fairy door somewhere in the woods at Leomansley

Leomansley Wood merges into Sloppy Wood at the point where you wished you’d worn wellies. The trees themselves aren’t all that old but the bluebells that appear at the beginning of May and the wood anemones and celadines that come just before are indicators that this is replanted ancient woodland. A rare thing in Lichfield.

After we’d oohed and aahed at the bluebells and found the fairy door, our own little folk did a bit of tree climbing and den building whilst the rest of us chatted away to each other. Some of us live less than a few hundred metres away from each other but had never met or at best, had only previously exchanged a few words. The conversation continued in someone’s back garden over tea and fairy bread (an Australian birthday party tradition and possibly also now a Leomansley Wood walk tradition).

We’re planning to do this walk every quarter, so if you’d like to join us next time, you would be very, very welcome.  There may not always be bluebells but every season brings a reason to visit the woods.

If you’d like to visit in the meantime, the easiest access is via Christchurch Lane, but it is also accessible via Pipe Green. Hopefully, the fairy door will still be there but I’m afraid all of the fairy bread has gone so you’ll have to make your own.

Leomansley Wood entrance

Entrance to the woods indicated by the blue arrow.

Parking at the entrance to the woods so best walk or cycle here. Just don't forget to pick your bike back up again afterwards....

Parking at the entrance to the woods is very limited so best walk or cycle here. Just don’t forget to pick your bike back up again afterwards….

5 thoughts on “Away with the Fairies (write-up)

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  2. I’ve lived in Lichfield nine years and never knew this place existed! Took the family there yesterday to stroll and explore. Chilly, but worth it to see the wonderful bluebells.

    Disappointed by quantities of dog mess on footpath (especially tricky with small ones running hither and yon), but delighted to have found this gem of a place. Thank you!

    • I’m glad you’ve been and enjoyed it Simon…except for the dreaded dog mess. Just trying to come up with a way we can tackle the problem. Got a few ideas! Hope it won’t stop you going back 🙂

      • Not at all, Kate. Sure it will become a regular haunt. Hoping to come along to your next organised visit on August 1st (work permitting!).

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